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Mixed Gas Diving is becoming more available around the world and with GasBlender you will be able to calculate the best mix for your dive whether you are an Enriched Air Nitrox, Trimix or Heliox diver.

GasBlender allows you to do the following calculations:
• Calculates Nitrox, Trimix, Helitrox, Heliair or Heliox mixes
• Metric and Imperial calculation and display options
• Sea Water or Fresh Water calculations
• Can calculate refilling to particular blends without draining the tanks first
• End result of a tank topped up with Air
• Best mixes for particular depths
• Calculations include:
o Equivalent Air Depth
o Equivalent Nitrox Depth
o Maximum Operating Depth
• Trimix Calculations include:
o Hypoxic Depths
o Blending Instructions
o O2% Check before adding final Air

By selecting the size of your cylinders and indicating whether you have twins, the application will also calculate the cost of the fill based on the price of both Helium and Oxygen per liter as well as any miscellaneous costs.

As with all forms of SCUBA, diving with mixed gases can be dangerous without the proper training, procedures and equipment. Always remember to analyze any mix you personally dive with.